X4 Construction Discussions: Sustainability in construction

In today’s eco-conscious society, we are continually reminded that sustainability should be at the forefront of our thinking. Nowhere is this more so than in construction, where despite advances in technology, we continue to generate huge amounts of waste and use materials that are far from sustainable and costly in the energy used in their production.

The very first X4 Construction Discussions event held at The Hoxton, Holborn on June 26th hosted by X4 Construction’s client services manager, Caroline Martin and senior consultant, Owen Dearn, had some of the construction industry’s sustainability leaders sharing their expertise about this highly important topic.

Our panellists

Louise Clarke who is Head of Sustainability Places at Berkley Group discussed “The Last Decade to Stop a Climate Catastrophe.” She spoke about how the window of opportunity to make change is short and the importance of tackling this large task right now. Louise also went on to discuss how one in four species are at risk of extinction and what we need to do to change this, starting from the richest 1% who own 45% of the world’s wealth.

Roni Savage who is Managing Director at Jomas Associates and who was also recently awarded the British Black Business Awards’ Businessperson of the Year 2018, discussed “Sustainable Land Development and Dealing with the Issues on the Ground.” Roni discussed the importance of site investigation – geotech and land contamination, review of foundations, waste assessments, liaising with regulators and the basement impact assessments and ground movements.

Neil Pennell who is Head of Design Innovation and Property Solutions at Landsec gave a fantastic talk about taking Landsec into the world of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), highlighting the importance of using natural resources efficiently, creating job opportunities and sustainable design and innovation.

It was an amazing event, a huge thank you to our incredible speakers and guests. If you attended the event and have any feedback, we would love to hear it. We are also planning our next event soon so it would be fantastic to hear your thoughts around the topics you would like to discuss. For any questions or support finding a new opportunity or your next hire, please contact

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